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Amgen is Born

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

I am so excited to share my new project with you!

Amgen Regulatory Consulting is the first regulatory consultancy to specialise in alternative proteins and novel foods.

We urgently need to find safe, nutritious, and sustainable sources of protein to feed the world and prevent the acceleration of global warming.

Science can provide the answers, but to get these products to market you need regulatory approval.

Our mission is to help companies get vitally important alternative proteins through regulatory approval. We can help support companies to build evidence to convince the regulatory authorities that their products are safe to enter the food chain.

The initial idea behind setting up a regulatory consultancy specialised in alternative protein came about in August 2019 at the KindEarth.Tech event in Amsterdam. It was here that Hannah met so many amazing and inspiring people working on incredible projects related to alternative protein. It was clear that cell-cultured, plant protein and fermentation products are the future, but it was also clear that many of these products need regulatory approval before entering the market. Many companies and start-ups do not really consider the regulatory implications at the beginning of their journey.

Hannah really wanted to get involved and help these companies to get off to the right start in terms of matching the regulatory requirements to the product development to avoid wasting time and money.

Amgen was founded in 2022 and means "alternative" or "better" in Welsh. Amgen believes in "alternative" proteins and believes in a "better" future.

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